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    1. Bureau Veritas Certification French, ISO9001:2008, Germany TUV Certification.      2. Sold over 100 produciton lines to Sudan, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Congo, Bangladesh, Russia etc.      3. Engineers abroad overseas available for installation and commissioning

     Tel: +86-371-64319872
     Fax: +86-371-64319872
     Mail: yolandameron@hengxujx.cn
     Mob: +86-15290801688


    HENG XU contribute to sustainable building and construction solutions, providing not only environmental, but also quality, performance and cost benefits.

    We are committed to setting the highest standards of performance, whilst minimising the impact of our activities on the environment. We achieve this by assessing all our operations to ensure they are as efficient as possible and by actively promoting sustainable methods of work and  recycling - both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers. 

    HENGXU have a prominent role in supplying construction companies, crane hire companies and piling companies throughout the world

    HENGXU has extensive experience in delivering quality steel  products gear to elevator  and service companies throughou.

    Manufacturing Industry
    HENGXU supplies high integrity wire rope assemblies for heavy duty production cranes and a complete range of lifting products. 

    Marine and Shipbuilding
    HENGXU is one of the leading steel bar and wire production lineand  companies supplying the contruction industries across the world.
    Steel Industry

    Heavy Industry
    HENGXU supplies high integrity  for heavy duty hot metal  and a complete range of indutrial products.

    Steel materials Manufacturers
    HENGXU have a long history in supplying Stell wire and barthroughout the world. Our services to this established market.
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