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    1. Bureau Veritas Certification French, ISO9001:2008, Germany TUV Certification.      2. Sold over 100 produciton lines to Sudan, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Congo, Bangladesh, Russia etc.      3. Engineers abroad overseas available for installation and commissioning

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    Cold rolling mill 


    1.Cold rolling mill consists of main motor, decelerator, double helical gear seat, universal joint spindle, bracket, operating machine seat, electrical pressing machine, left and right coiling machine, hydraulic station and DC electric control. The material of support roll is 9Cr2Mo. The bearing seat is equipped with roll exchange device.
    2.The machine uses support roll drive, with large frame rigidity. The roll uses the bearing exclusive for rolling mill. The pressing wheel uses the secondary envelope surface, with large pressure. This machine includes reversing or non-reversing one, and it is applicable to the medium and fine rolling. It is the ideal equipment for rolling ordinary carbon steel, alloy, stainless steel, copper and aluminum.
    It mainly consists of:
    coil saddle + coil car + hydraulic pay off reel + coil car + tension reel + deflector roll + shear + thickness gauge + strip wiper + main mill + strip wiper + thickness gauge + shear + deflector roll + tension reel + coil car + hydraulic system (HP & LP) + lubrication system + fume exhause system + roll coolant system + transmission system + electrics & controls system


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