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    1. Bureau Veritas Certification French, ISO9001:2008, Germany TUV Certification.      2. Sold over 100 produciton lines to Sudan, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Congo, Bangladesh, Russia etc.      3. Engineers abroad overseas available for installation and commissioning

     Tel: +86-371-64319872
     Fax: +86-371-64319872
     Mail: yolandameron@hengxujx.cn
     Mob: +86-15290801688

    Continuous Casting machine


    1.Continuous casting machine

    2.High efficient casting speed

    3.Multi point straightening

    4.Protect casting

    Detailed advantage of continuous casting machine:
    --- High reliability and high ease of operation of your plant through the widest possible standardization optimization of your processes,through proven technology packages and tested automation solutions.
    --- Increased casting speed with proven high speed casting technology
    --- Fast return on investment through reduced operating and maintenance costs
    --- Boost your competitive edge,through technology from the market leader,for example with hydraulic oscillators.
    --- Profit from our experience in all metallurgical processes and our innovative strength.

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